The issues and obstacles facing a company of 30 employees are very different from a business that grows above 400 employees.

To meet this challenge, RDC has created a set of strategic human resource management services that enhance companies

at every point in their life cycle. These strategic human resource management services equip customers with an

unparalleled ability to acquire the best employees, align workforce goals with high-level company objectives,

drive new levels of performance and productivity, and develop and mentor their future leaders. 


Our Services:

  • Compensation Consulting Strategy and Planning
  • HR Audit and Operational Review
  • Performance Management and Motivation Strategy
  • Employee Handbook and other Policy Development
  • Corporate Strategic HR
  • Management Coaching
  • Recruiting and Staffing
  • Training and Education


  I. Compensation Consulting Strategy and Planning

RDC offers a variety of compensation consulting services to help you ensure your employees' pay is market competitive,

equitable and compliant.

Services include:

  1. Design of salary scale using quantitative and qualitative approaches.
  2. Complete salary benchmark studies.
  3. Complete analytical studies related to salary inconsistencies and reviews.
  4. Design various incentive schemes.
  5. Review compliance to NSSF and MOF.


 II. HR Audit and Operational Review

RDC serves in preparing and conducting HR Audits and Operational Review that will tell where the HR Department is at performance risk as well as whether the company is compliant, and how to fix issues.


III. Performance Management and Motivation Strategy

Performance management and measurement stand as a main challenge for growing companies as they move multi-role functions to a more clearly drawn job roles and responsibilities. Setting of objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs) and competencies, always seem to be the project that fails prior to start. RDC will support your company set realistic milestones and apply clearly defined procedures, clarify the added value of setting performance measures, and provide various necessary tools for smooth implementation.  


IV.Employee Handbook and other Policy Development

Essentially, your Employee Handbook lays the groundwork for how your business runs operation from day to day. If your business does not have an Employee Handbook, or if is not up to date, then your business may be at a high risk for costly employee relations issues, and may also not be running efficiently. RDC supports in writing your Employee Handbook as well as all necessary SOPs related to HR.


V. On-Site HR Services

Do you feel as if you need an HR Professional from time to time, but maybe not all the time? RDC provides on-site HR services. Our consultants will come to your place of business to handle your HR-related projects and activities.


VI. Corporate Strategic HR

RDC offers support in major Human Capital related decisions. Our professionals will hold brainstorming and advisory sessions to support management take the right decisions related to expansions, downsizing, or other strategic decisions. 


VII. Management Coaching

Our professionals will help your team organize their daily operations, compile data and metrics into organized reports, and prepare quality presentation. We are there to coach the team in order to raise the standards of communication and organization.


VIII. Recruiting and Staffing

Attracting high caliber, experienced employees who fit your culture can be a huge challenge. Add the complexities of legal compliance and managing all of those resumes into the mix and this almost always becomes a time consuming task. RDC’s Professional Executive Search services can help with recruiting complex job titles.


IX. Training and Education

Quality people are a vital piece for the success puzzle in today’s complex organizations. RDC supports in preparing the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) as well as providing specialized training topics in specific fields.